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VA Business Setup and Management for Free-Time-Craving Moms

Get More Hours With Your Kids Right Beside You
and earn dollars

to support your family by speeding up your VA journey purposefully!

Show Me How!


Your Freebie Hub To Jumpstart as a VA!

Ready to get your booty inside your VA business & make a huge profit from the comfort of your home?

But not sure where to begin and how to offer your skills online? Grab all the free resources to generate extra cash as a passive income while being in your 9-5.

Give Me The Access!

We both know you made up your mind to cut ties with your soul-sucking BORING corporate job and badly want to do something on your own!

A demanding boss hovering above your head, a toxic work culture sucks your energy up, & doubting yourself in every step you take - makes you *almost* run for your life! 

Even though you desperately want to take care of your newborn baby, witness a toddler's first words, enjoy your baby's childhood and massively grow your income side by side.

You've been trying it on your own but with a stressful soul, covered in fear, you can't let your mind breathe peacefully…and got stuck on the same stupid results for months now.

But finally, you're ready to walk away from the hell out of your cubicle, sit on the comfy couch of your home, and gear up your backend REAL business with skills and systems that can not only give you well-deserved freedom of time & location but also put your pay cuts at bay.

Working closely with me allows you to build the life you truly deserve and make an impact on your family.

Start Your VA Journey!

Meet Your Business bestie and great cheerleader Chantelle…


Hi, I’m Chantelle.

And I help stressed-out moms start virtual assistant businesses, generating more profit handsomely- on repeat.

As you decided to stop overworking in the 9-5 grind for the rest of your life and be right there for your kids always while supporting your family eternally, I’ve turned the same idea to make it happen in my very own reality which allowed me to sell my services on vacation, in spending time with loved ones and proudly in my own terms and conditions.

How can I even say that? Simple! I run a course and membership program that are constantly hitting 30k months while building my own business empire, working less than 15 hours a week.

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur and soar like a Phoenix,

I'm super excited to share ALL of my Knowledge With You!

You’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to grow and scale from the ground zero to run your thriving VA business with the key strategies which eliminate all trial and error real-life difficulties, and all the heavy lifting for you.  

The good news is many other moms like you have already implemented these strategies and started a lucrative online business that allowed them to actually hate Mondays, work in their schedule, spend time with their kids, and still financially support their families with ease.

Ready To Leverage Your Business Growth And Scale up with System Management Support to run like a well-oiled machine?

P.s. No need to be a tech wizard, if you aren't!


Let's Do It!

Entrepreneurs Club

The Entrepreneurs Club is a 12-month program created to focus on a specific section of your business each month and get time to slowly implement each phase and ensure that your business has all the required sections.

Within the membership, you will find the signature BBGC training materials, monthly group coaching, masterclasses, and tech tutorials.

Show Me More

Business Blueprint Self Study

A 6-months course to start and run your own VA business successfully.

Bonus: 3 1:1 sessions with me to help you get clear on your future.

I Need This

Private Business Coaching

The private coaching that I offer follows the Business Blueprint formula and comes with 13 private coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Each private session is geared toward getting you to the next step using homework and feedback

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You’ll get practical relevant tips to help you start a lucrative online business.

Get updates on personal and business growth to make more profit

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