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Helping stressed out moms like you start their own businesses so they can
have the freedom of being available to their kids and still financially support their families.

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You're tired of working an 8-5 job with a boss that refuses to give you time off when you really need it.
You know that you need to make a shift, PRONTO!

The good news is many other moms have done exactly that and have started a lucrative online business that allows them the time to be available to their kids
and still financially support their families without getting burned out.

My services are directly geared at YOU!!

Why not select one of the options below and get your business up and running.


The Business Blueprint Membership was derived from the Business Blueprint Group Coaching (BBGC) Program. The Membership runs over a 12 month period where every month we focus on a specific section of your business. This gives you time to slowly implement each phase and ensure that your business has all the required sections.


Within the membership, you will find the signature BBGC training materials, monthly group coaching, masterclasses and tech tutorials.


You can learn more about the membership when you click the link below.

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Business Blueprint Self Study

The self-study material was developed over a course of 18 months and regularly gets updated. The students who have completed the course have all been very successful in starting their own businesses.

Included in the self-study material you will also get access to the Premium BB Membership for 12 months to help you along your journey.

As an added bonus you will also receive 3 One-On-One sessions with me to help you get clear on your future.

You can learn more about the Business Blueprint Self Study course by clicking on the link below.

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Private Business Coaching

Do you want to get your business up and running in record time?

Then this is for you. The private coaching that I offer follows the Business Blueprint formula and comes with 13 private coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Each private session is geared toward getting you to the next step using homework and feedback.

No more wondering what to do next. It is like having a fairy in your pocket that guides you on your journey.

You can learn more about the Business Blueprint Self Study course by clicking on the link below.

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Hi There

I'm Chantelle

Your new business bestie and greatest supporter. I'm passionate about helping moms start online businesses, by building confidence in themselves and their abilities, and I', a self proclaimed culturalist.

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur and soar like a Phoenix, then you have come to the right place. I'm excited you're here.


Come and join me in my Facebook Group where I share tips and relevant information to help you start a lucrative online business. This group is specifically for New and Aspiring Online Business Owners. 

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